Improving the intestinal microflora

MIRAVIT® Microflosan S is a feed supplement based on poultry specific multi-strain probiotics and is designed to be treated in the drinking water of broilers and pullets. A special selection of probiotic microorganisms are obtained from healthy chicken guts and improve in combination with prebiotics intestinal microflora.

Product advantages:

  • Improve intestinal microflora
  • Reduces pH-values in the small intestine through increased production of organic acids
  • Support of enzyme activities
  • Optimised absorption of nutrients
  • Improve the immune system
  • Stabilisation of physiological digestion in stress situations


200 g per 10,000 broilers per day. Before mixing in the premix water tank, preparing a stock solution with 10 litres of water is recommended.

Packaging: 600 g aluminium bag