MIRAVIT® StressVital

Alleviates stress situations

MIRAVIT® StressVital is a supplement feed used to stabilise metabolism and alleviate stress in pigs in case of aggression or cannibalism, for instance stress caused by transport, rehousing or climate stress.

Application recommendation:

  • As a prophylactic in case of suspected stress: 5 kg per tonne of dry feed
  • In case of visible activity: 10 kg per tonne of dry feed
  • Sows that are known to be aggressive to their piglets: 5 days before to 3 days after farrowing, 50 g per sow per day

Product advantages:

  • Prevents loss of output, impaired immunity or mental aggression caused by stress situations
  • Alleviates stress situations in advance but also helps alleviate effects of current or previous stress situations

Packaging unit: 25 kg sack