MIRAVIT® Sauenbooster

Energy boost for sows

MIRAVIT® Sauenbooster is an active concentrate specially formulated for breeding pigs and is used to ensure improved fertility and vitalisation during the farrowing and post-farrowing phases, including lactation and oestrus, by providing extra highly-digestible micronutrients and sources of energy and protein.

Application recommendation:

Young sows: 10 days before first service until service, 250 g per animal per day
Sows: 10–5 days before farrowing, up to 2–3 days after farrowing, 300 g per animal per day, 5 days after weaning until next service 300–500 g per animal per day

Product advantages:

  • Energy boost after weaning
  • Improves the fertility of sows and vitality of newborn piglets
  • Reduces duration of farrowing
  • Regulates pig manure consistency around time of farrowing
  • Stimulates oestrus and shortens farrowing intervals

Packaging unit: 25 kg sack