MIRAVIT® Oramun Plus

Colostrum in a tube

MIRAVIT® Oramun Plus is a supplement feed for newborn calves; it provides additional immunoglobulins, iron, vitamins and lactic acid bacteria in situations where the quality or quantity of colostrum is inadequate.

Application recommendation: Administer 30 ml on the tongue within 24 hours of birth, repeat on second day of life

Product advantages:

  • Can be administered quickly thanks to tube
  • Reliably ensures calves are provided with immunoglobulins

Packaging unit: 180 ml (6x30 ml)

Well-functioning organs are necessary for a long life. The lungs, udder tissue and pancreas are the main priorities. The lungs need approximately twelve months in order to develop fully. This is why a healthy atmosphere is so important in stables for young cattle. In contrast, udder tissue and the pancreas are fully developed after just a few weeks and abnormal development can no longer be compensated by subsequent growth. This is why intensive calf rearing using CombiMilk and CombiKorn is the first step on the road to ensuring the longevity of your cows. Immuno-depression due to an inadequate supply of colostrum in the first few days of life can adversely affect the health and growth of calves. In order to prevent such undesirable effects, it is advisable to administer MIRAVIT® Oramun Plus.