Toxin binders with live yeasts

MIRAVIT® VitaTox is a bio-regulative supplement feed formulated to improve livestock’s tolerance threshold at times when they are subjected to additional stress because of endotoxins, mycotoxins, inadequate feed hygiene and viral or bacterial infections. Because of its special formula, this product is suitable for reducing the adverse effects that feedstuffs containing mycotoxins have on pigs. It contains live yeasts which also help stabilise intestinal health. It also contains natural humic acids and antioxidants. MIRAVIT® VitaTox contains an EU-approved additive for binding mycotoxins whose efficacy has been proven.

Application recommendations:

5–10 kg per tonne of dry feed (0.5–1%) on top

Product advantages:

  • Contains live yeasts to stabilise intestinal health
  • Contains EU-approved additives of proven effectiveness

Packaging unit: 25 kg sack, 500 kg BigBag