MIRAVIT® Mirazyme

Mirazyme is a balanced mix of pro digestive active compounds (diastatic activity) derived from malted barley and wheat seeds. Mirazyme is a patented product with a unique and innovative technology. Different formulations (ALFA and SIL) are studied due to specific raw materials used in farms. Mirazyme allows to increase digestibility of rations main components.

Mirazyme Range

 Mirazyme ALFA Mirazyme SIL
ExplanationMirazyme ALFA is formulated for diets based on cereal flours and alfalfa hays.Mirazyme SIL is formulated for diets based on grass silage and haylage.
Application recommendationDairy cows 100-150 g/head/day
Beef cattle 50-100 g/head/day
Dairy cows 80-120 g/head/day
Beef cattle 30-60 g/head/day
Packaging unit20 kg sack20 kg sack

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