MIRAVIT® CalPhos / Calcidiol (D3)

Bone structure and egg shell quality and stability

MIRAVIT® CalPhos/Calcidiol (D3) is a 2-component Ca-P-D3 product designed to be treated in drinking water during critical periods of poultry growth and egg production. It improves bone structure, muscle tone and egg shell quality. In the early and middle growth period of poultry, promoting bone structure and muscle tone are pre-requisites for health and performance. In case of laying hens, egg shell quality and stability is improved.

Application recommendation: 2 litres of CalPhos and 2 litres of Calcidiol per 1,000 litres of drinking water, treatment exclusively in combination, in several courses of treatment. Periods of use and treatment doses can be found in the specifications in the product information for the particular poultry species and their use.
Important note: Do not mix MIRAVIT® CalPhos and MIRAVIT® Calcidiol in the canister, only mix them in the premix water tank.

Product advantages:

  • Improved bone structure
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Strengthening egg shells
  • Stabilisation of locomotor system

Packaging unit: 1 case (CalPhos 5 litre canister + Calcidiol 5 litre canister)

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