MIRAVIT® Kuhstarter

Energy drink immediately after calving

MIRAVIT® KuhStarter is an electrolyte-based fortifying drink for cows given immediately after calving. It ensures timely replacement of lost energy and electrolytes after calving. Using MIRAVIT® KuhStarter can shorten recovery times and reduce the risks of postnatal infections of the uterus (metritis) and udder (mastitis). Consuming 20 litres of MIRAVIT® KuhStarter immediately after calving fills the rumen and helps prevent abomasal displacement.

Application recommendation: Administer 500 g of KuhStarter dissolved in 20 litres of warm water immediately after calving

Product advantages:

  • Fast, timely supplementing of depleted energy
  • Shorter recovery time

Packaging units: 7.5 kg bucket and 25 kg sack

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