MIRAVIT® BufferPill

The capsule to combat loss of thirst

MIRAVIT® BufferPill is a supplement feed in capsule form. It is administered to calves suffering from diarrhoea and in stress situations in order to prevent acidosis. Administering the capsule in a timely manner at the start of a critical situation stabilises pH values in the rumen and in the blood. This can reduce loss of thirst due to over-acidification of the rumen.

Application recommendation: Administer 1 capsule 3–4 times at 4-hour intervals or 4 hours after liquid meals

Product advantages:

  • Soft capsules
  • Fast acting

Packaging unit: Tin of 50 capsules

Note: A special MIRAVIT® BufferPill pill gun is available. When first using the product, please consider ordering a pill gun.

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